Here are some of the answers to the most common questions we are asked:

Do you supply to the general public?

Yes.  We also supply tradespeople, local joiners, and builders.


How long will it take to get my bench top?

We try to ensure bench tops are completed in as fast as we can with a turnaround of just 3-5 days (depending on size of benchtop and material requested).


Can anyone install the bench top?

Solid surface should always be installed by a professional for a number of reasons.  If it is not installed by an approved installer, it will not be covered by warranty.  To ensure you get the bench top you paid for looking it's best, we recommend you always use an approved installer.  We provide installation as part of our service and we are approved by all our suppliers.


We didn't use an approved installer and unhappy with the look of the bench top, can you correct it?

Unfortunately not.  We recommend if you are unhappy with your bench top, you really need to speak with the installer / company who arranged the installation.  There are strict guidelines on installations, and most Solid Surface manufacturers will only warranty bench tops that are installed by an approved fabricator.  


Can you come and check measurements?

If we are doing the installation we are happy to come and get the measurements and create a template to ensure you get the perfect bench top for your home or office.


What if my Solid Surface bench top gets damaged?

One of the great advantages of Solid Surfaces is that a professional can easily repair the surface, and we include as one of our services.  This is also a cost effective alternative to replacing an existing bench top when selling your home.


I have a Solid Surface bench top that is damaged - what should I do?

Don't panic!  If you are not sure who put the bench top in, have a look under your cabinet and you should see some branding on it, this will identify what product it is.  Take some pictures of the damaged area in as natural light as possible, then email these directly to Paul:


Are you open evenings or weekends?

We understand everyone leads a busy lifestyle, so we can be flexible - call us to arrange an appointment.


What happens to the existing bench top?

We prefer that the existing bench top be removed prior installation of the new bench top.  However, we can provide the service of removal and disposal of existing kitchen and vanity bench tops at an additional charge.  Please advise us at the time of quotation if you require this service.


If you have any questions regarding Solid Surface or any of the services McGrath Benchtop Solutions Ltd provide, please feel free to contact us.