5 Reasons To Use Acrylic Solid Surface For Your Next Benchtop

Here are the top 5 reasons why so many are now choosing acrylic solid surfaces as their high end choice for their kitchen benchtops, vanity tops, and other surface areas:

1 – Flexibility

Did you know that unlike some other products out there, acrylic solid surfaces can be shaped and moulded to fit your designs and measurements exactly?  If there is a design for it, we can most likely make it - from circular reception / information desks, to curved kitchen benchtops, and everything in between! 

2 – Hygienic

Due to the non-porous qualities of acrylic solid surfaces - there's no need to worry if you accidentally spill your favourite pinot noir, or even lemon juice!  Unlike other materials, solid surface benchtops are stain-resistant and easy to keep clean, meaning your benchtop will look great for years to come.

3 – Seamless

With some benchtop materials, you can see the joins between sheets giving your surface a modular, unfinished look.  With acrylic solid surfaces, these joins become virtually invisible, making your benchtop look and feel like one solid piece of material.

4 – Repairable

As with any surface that is used on a daily basis over a few years, there will be wear and tear, or accidental damage.  In most circumstances, acrylic solid surfaces can be easily repaired, bringing your benchtop or counter back to looking its best. 

5 – Choice

Whether you are wanting a customised design to fit a complicated layout, a large island benchtop to accommodate seating, or to simply update your kitchen, acrylic solid surfaces offers you a choice of colours and shapes to match your vision.

McGrath Benchtops make beautiful benchtops using 100% acrylic solid surface materials.

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